Monday, April 24, 2006

Flash in the Forest

I thought that I would put up a photo today of me flashing my tits in the forest when Master Anakin and I went hiking on Saturday. This was so naughty and a lot of fun. I was told to lift up my shirt and jacket and to pinch my nipples for Master. Anyone could have seen us but we were lucky we didn't get caught. I wrote a blog post about my spring spanking. I hope everyone had a chance to read it. I didn't get too many comments on it. It was my first experience of a getting spanked with a switch. It hurt like hell. I still carry a few bruises from it. I have had fantasies for a long time of getting spanked with a switch. That long thin branch had a lot of impact on my ass. Ouch is all I will say. I love being a little exhibitionist!!

"Pinch those tits for me, slave" he said to me as we had walked down a beaten path to go find a private spot so he could use the switch on my ass. So I showed him my tits and pinched them hard. My nipples got very erect fast. I wanted to fuck him after he used the switch. I wanted him so badly. But he made me wait. He played mental games with me while we hiked. He got me to flash him many times in many different places. At one point he made me stick my hands down my jeans and masturbate for him to get myself all wet. There was a few close calls of almost getting caught but that seemed to make it more fun!

So much fun to do naughty things in public. Nothing like a spring hike in the forest with lots of places to hide and have some naughty fun!! I felt a real connection to Master this weekend. It was so nice to have an overnight and spend some time alone. We went out for Sushi on Saturday night in our favorite Japanese restaurant. We watched a few movies. We did lots of play which I will write about very soon. We fucked a lot. We tried new things. It was wonderful! I feel very content and peaceful today. Nothing like a reconnection spanking and play time to set things right again. :)

I miss my sis, schiava a lot today. It's a holiday in Italy so she isn't at work so we didn't get to talk today. I have been thinking about her a lot. I hope her time with her Master was naughty and fun and she got some release. She was on orgasm denial. I can't wait to talk to her again. I want lots of details on how it went. :)

I've had a busy day and I am tired. I've been doing some major spring cleaning and planting today and getting our deck ready for spring. I have barely been on the computer this afternoon. I find cleaning very therapeutic. I really want to decorate our place for spring and get it nicely clean from top to bottom. It feels good to get little projects done that I put on hold when my Dad was in the hospital.

There has been some news about my Dad. He was supposed to be released from the psych ward last Tuesday but it was put on hold and he is now getting released this Wednesday and free to go home. I am a bit scared he might try to do this again one day. I just worry he's not dealing with his problems or taking responsibility for his actions. I havn't seen him since he was admitted. I did get a call from my Grandma today and my sister has been giving me updates. I guess you might say I am in the angry stage with him. He never did thank me or try to change things between us the last few times I saw him. It felt like things had stayed the same. I don't understand why he did that to himself. I just feel angry at him and I really don't want to visit him in that place. Maybe when he is out at some point we can get together. He's very lucky to be alive. I honestly don't think he realizes just how lucky he is.

My weekend was so nice and relaxing. I am enjoying the nice spring weather and cleaning my deck and doing the planting with flowers. I find it very peaceful. Our new grill worked wonderful and we had a great bbq dinner last night and tonight we plan to use it again. I have a list of little things I want to do to our place. The wonderful thing of owning your own place is all the little renovations you can do like painting or decorating.

I still need to do my blog post about Saturday night. We did a lot of play. Things got very rough. I have many details to share. I will sit down tommorow and try to write some of it out. I watched Sopranos last night. It's getting really good. How is everyone? What's new?

May the force be with you all!

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Scarlett said...

I thought my weekend was pretty good until i read about yours!!! You lucky girl! I can totally understand you enjoying the thrill of being naughty outdoors and in public - being at one with nature and with yourselves, and just maybe being seen by someone else!
Take care.
Scarlett x

padme said...

Hi scarlett,
Good to hear from you. I enjoyed reading your blog today. It sounded like your weekend was pretty nice too. :) Hope your doing ok. HUGS

Anonymous said...

wow lucky girl u are..i love the pic!! very hot!! i cant wait to hear about saturday night:)hehe:P anyway im glad your weekend was good mine was pretty good too:)

Bonnie said...


Your hike sounds like great fun. A switch can leave some nasty marks, but an outdoor spanking is a good way to become one with nature!

Have a great week

Anonymous said...

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padawanbeldapinik said...

i've never been hit with a switch. It sounded like it really did hurt.

padme said...

Yes, the switch hurt but at least Master allowed me to leave my jeans on or I imagine it would have really hurt on the bare butt. :) Hope your doing ok. May the force be with you. HUGS

Thanks for your comment. Your very right. The switch left some marks on my ass which I still have. I don't bruise as easily as I once did on my butt so I was happy to see a few good ones. :) The outdoor spanking was delicous...Hope your doing ok..HUGS

Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear you had a good weekend too! HUGS

padawanbeldapinik said...

padme what was the worst thing Anakin has hit you with? i mean, which do you least like?

Cheeky Angel said...

yikes...the one and only experience i've had with the switch turned out to be about 50 willow switches in a bundle..i feel for ya, doll! :)

Mikeysgirl said...

Hey Padme, nice pic, i'm glad your weekend with your master was fun. my Angel broke up with me last night, so i may not be on the blogger too much for a bit. Gonna just curl up in bed for a bit :o(
Anyway, i hope you are doing well! I know how you feel about the flowers, they always make a room nicer and it is especially great to have them around during a bbq! ((hugs))
-ex-mikeysgirl :o(

padme said...

The worst toy for me has been the cane. I have a hate/love relationship with it. :) Thanks for your comment. HUGS

cheeky angel,
Thanks for your comment. Good to hear from you. The 50 switches in a bundle sounds ouchie. :) HUGS

Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear about your breakup. If you need anything at all please let me know....e-mail me. BIG HUGS

fucktoy said...

mmm...fucktoy loves doing dirty things in public.


Her fucktoy

schiava said...

i'm stil trying to decide which outdoor post has the best pics... oh well, you know i'm tits addicted, i guess this one is the winner!!! LOL!!
i love spring, i really hope i'll heva the chance to do something naughty&nice in Rome next month when i'll be at Master's place!!!

padme said...

Hey toy,
Thanks for your comment. I know you'd appreciate the outdoor shots. You have some wonderful outdoor play photos on your blog. :) Hope your doing ok. HUGS

I hope you enjoyed the photos I sent you. I tried to send a few different flashing photos to you. I love spring too! :) I hope you get to do some outdoor play with your Master next month too!
hugs, kisses and love