Sunday, May 21, 2006

Discipline Spanking

I promised I would share photos and details from Thursday's discipline spanking. Click on the photos to enlarge them. I am sharing 3 photos of Thursday with everyone. I am sharing a photo of what my ass looked like with my punishment spanking from Master. I like the pictures to tell some of the story for me. I love these photos. What does everyone think? I would love some feedback to them. Please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. :)

I am up early and feeling awake and wanting to write so I thought I would write out the post. I took yesterday off and didn't do a post. I was hardly on the computer and spent the whole day with Master. I thought I would do a quick update on things and then write about the discipline spanking I got from Master. Friday was the Cloverdale Rodeo; it's like a small town country fair, the rides, the games, the wonderful food. We had a fun time and I got to skip the diet for a night. Master was wonderful. He even put on the ferris wheel and watched me just like in that movie, 9 1/2 weeks. It was erotic. I am afraid of heights. He just smiled his most sadistic smile as I went around. I do not question him; I Just obey. He tells me to go on it, I do it. He does very dominant things every day. Many of them I don't post in the blog. I thought perhaps I would share more of my daily life with the blog readers. It might help people to get to know us more.

The rodeo was a lot of fun and Master made all the decisions. What I ate and drank. I had to ask permission to go play a game or get cotton candy. Master fed me the pink cotton candy. His parents were around but didn't question anything. People know that I call Master Daddy openly. He doesn't like being called by his first name so it's either Sir or Master in private. Daddy in public. Or Old Man. I've called him that a few times too. Master is 7 years older than me and a very traditional man; stern and dominant with a presence around him. I notice that others respect him. The kids respect him. Everyone sees that I respect him. I often get asked how we keep our marriage healthy and happy. It's really hard to say that it's the domestic discipline that has helped the most. Master has trained me for the last 2 years since signing our TPE agreement. I am his slave and I have come to terms with this in the last few months. He decides. I obey. I get punished for not obeying the rules.

We came home Friday night to some wonderful anal sex and porn. I am on my period so Master decided to take my ass. I put in the butt plug while we watched an adult movie on video on demand. Then he stuck his cock in and fucked me hard. I came hard and fast. I fell asleep very soon after with the long day at the rodeo and play with Master.

Yesterday we went shopping at the mall. Master bought me a few things as treats. We ate lunch. I was back to my diet so it was healthy. I was so happy for the latte he let me have. My favorite drink. I love almond or hazelnut in it. Master decided to buy me a few things in Claire's, an accessories store for girls and teens. One was a charm which says Daddy's Girl. He told me to put it on the zipper of my purse. S is going to know that charm isn't about my Dad. I was not a Daddy's girl at all with my own father. We've always had a rocky relationship. Master is my Daddy. He fullfills a need in me which was missing with my own father. We do age regression in our play. I often suck my thumb or he gives me my teddy bear to hold onto. He holds me the way a Daddy would. Comforts me after the spankings. I know many might not understand this type of play. I am very much a little girl in my heart. I need this. He treats me the way a Daddy would. This works for us.

He bought me an anklet, some lip gloss and a few goodies. We also went to the Body Shop. He treated me to the liquor store where I got some coolers. I enjoyed the day. I bought a postcard for schiava and sent it to her. I hope she likes it. I was so glad to get the Rome postcard on Friday from her. I got a really hot photo from my sis yesterday morning. Wow!! It made me drool. Her pussy looks so inviting to me. I want to taste her. I am thinking of her lots this weekend. I wonder how my sis is doing. Does she know how wet I got looking at her sexy photo?

We had sitting so it was just the two of us yesterday. We came home and watched Munich. It was really good. It was intense. A bit graphic but it was really interesting. Master enjoyed the moral questions the movie raised. Master decided to do some tit torture on me during the movie. My tits are so marked today! I came twice. He came on my face. Last night we just cuddled up on the couch to some TV and time together. I feel so close to Master right now.

I was glad Cheeky Angel left a message. I was a bit stunned to see her blog was deleted yesterday. I love her blog and writing. I hope she starts another blog. My friend, belda sent me a really funny Star Wars video. The link is HERE. Check it out!! It's so funny. Darth Vader calls the Emperor. I was almost on the floor laughing!The voice sounds like Glen Quagmire on Family Guy. It's adult oriented and very funny. Thanks belda for the great link!! I would be curious of what people think of it! lol. :)

Here are the details of the discipline spanking from Thursday:

If you haven't read the blog post about what I did to deserve a discipline spanking click HERE. I was being a real bitch and in a hell of a mood with my pms. I had thrown a pillow at Master and said a lot of things I shouldn't have. My hormones felt out of control. Things had built up in me. I was talking on Yahoo with my sis and getting nervous about the punishment. Master dropped the kids off and when he came home I was waiting for him in our bedroom. Toys laid out on the bed. I heard him come up the stairs. My heart was beating fast. Anticipation and fear can be difficult sometimes and at the same time erotic.

I was sitting on the bed with my bad kitty nightshirt on and no panties. I had my head down low. He had taken the day off from work to deal with me. He let me know right away that there was almost 3 hours of time before getting our son home. He planned to deal with me and set me straight. I knew there was a discipline spanking coming. I had a feeling we might make love afterwards but I would be getting the domestic discipline first. That meant heavy punishment on my ass and a real lesson. He's not gentle. The spankings hurt. Sometimes they hurt a lot. This time he told me he was going to spank me til he drew blood. To prepare myself for a hard spanking that was going to hurt and leave me sore for a while.

I was feeling very sorry at this point but I know there is no reasoning with him when he's in Darth mode. He was going to spank me and I was going to take it. No in betweens. I was told to get myself into the shower and get clean. He wanted my pussy shaved and smooth. I went into the hot and steamy shower. He joined me a few minutes before climbing out. Things got hot very fast. He kissed me and rubbed against me. He whispered to me that my clothes were laid out on the bed and to get out and get dry and dressed. I got out and got into my school girl skirt and red tight shirt with no bra. White leggings and black and white thong. My school girl shoes laid out on the bed nicely too. And one of my black play collars. You can see in the one photo me dressed up holding his belt. He wanted people to see the belt that crossed my ass many times. The belt that made it nicely red and sore.

He brought up the camera. He likes to take lots of photos when I am getting punished. When he is at work he will tell me to look at a certain photo if I am acting out of line. It brings it back for me. A part of it is also humiliation. I climbed over the pillow after I was ready for the punishment. Master went and put on the Hackers soundtrack he loves so much. Hackers is one of his favorite movies after Star Wars. Has anyone else seen it? It's from 1995 and has a young Angelina Jolie staring in it.

Then the lecture began. I could hear him picking up his belt and his voice got into Darth tone. That tone that I think he got from the army. It makes you go into a very submissive state. All I could say in response was "yes, Sir." I was feeling very sorry for my actions at this point.

"I'm very disappointed in you, young lady," he began with his firm lecture.

"Do you realize, slave that you always wind up under my belt or whatever toy I wish to use when you act up?? I want you to learn something from your lessons. You know better!" he said in a very disappointed tone.

I was in the dog house and I knew it. My ass was going to hurt. He get intense when he is about to punish me hard. He was angry with me.

"You NEVER throw pillows at your Master, bitch. I am going to teach you that it's completely unacceptable to act like that. Bad girls get bad spankings. Your ass is going to hurt." he said sternly.

"You bring Darth out, and you must accept the consequences for it. You forced me to stay home to punish you so it's going to be damn good. I am not counting. Your going to get your hands in the cuffs and they will remain out in front of you. You'll take it all. You will not move. You will not talk or plead with me or I will gag you." he told me in a matter of fact tone that left no doubt.

He lifted my school girl skirt exposing the thong to him. He continued to lecture. His belt jingling in his hands. I could hear him pacing around me.

"Darth is here, bitch," he said as the first strike of his belt hit my ass. There was no warm up this time. No fun with the spanking. I could only bite into the blanket. I had my hands in the cuffs so they wouldn't try to protect my bottom. He began with his belt. He would give me 5 hard strokes and then stop and lecture more.

"You try my patience. Why do you not learn from my lessons?"

His voice was sharp. I knew I had gone too far with him. I had pushed his buttons. There were no excuses and he was going to teach me a lesson I wouldn't forget for a while. My ass was going to hurt and be very red and sore by the time he was through with it.

Another 5 with the belt would land onto my ass without mercy. He would stop and then switch to another instrument. I never knew what was coming. The music of Hackers was loud and the sound of the belt rang into the air. My ass felt warm very quickly. The burn was intense. He just kept going. I don't know how many times that black leather belt bite into my ass. Stinging and feeling the intense burn. He wasn't giving me any time to think. One stroke after another. I was almost grateful for when he would lecture as he would stop for a minute to lecture me on my behavior as a slave. I was told when to talk.

"You may speak now, slave" he would command. He asked a few questions and I answered him honestly. He was defiantly going to get to the "bottom" of things with me. Find out if it was just pms or more going on with me for acting that out of control. He picked up the razor strop that we bought from the flea market. I love that strop. It is so traditional. It made my ass a nice shade of red very quickly. I'm not sure how many he gave me. I tried not to move when he was giving it to me. Any time I tried to move a inch I was told...

"Get back into position or I start over."

I don't know how long he used his razor strop, belt and crop for but at one point he told me to go into our bathroom. I was told to lean over the counter and he used his Master's Anakin's paddle on my ass. It cracked as it landed on my ass about 20 times very hard. I still had my hands in the cuffs. I wanted to put my hands there a few times but couldn't. I felt very submissive to Master at this point.

He was determined though. It was only the beginning. I went back over the pillow for more. I took the pain that he was delivering.

"Thank me for your punishment, slave" he demanded.

"Thank you, Master" I said in my submissive voice, truly meaning it.

"My padme. My bad girl. Why do you act up so badly sometimes? Your ass always pays for your mistakes. When will my very disobedient girl learn her lesson?"

He grabbed my thong and pulled it down to around my knees at this point. You can see in the one photo what my ass looked like at this point and how red it got. It was sore and I felt sorry and near tears. I don't cry often but during some punishment spankings I want to cry from disappointing him. I felt like a bad slave. I knew I deserved this hard lesson on my ass. I tried to take it all and at times it was very difficult.

He took photos during the last bit of the spanking. My ass was glowing red and I felt this was endless. He was true to his word. My ass finally bled from his crop. He used it very hard on my ass and I was struggling but he would put his hand over my back so I couldn't move a inch. He used the crop hard again and again on my ass and I could do nothing but take it. Take the pain. Take the punishment. Take the hard spanking that Master was giving. My ass was rising to meet the crop after a while. I was hoping he would be pleased and stop the crop but he didn't. He likes to push it far. See how much I can take. He knows I am a pain slut and can take lots. I was very sensitive to the pain on Thursday with the pms. This time of the month makes it sensitive for my tits and pain tolerance. He continued to spank me with the crop.

He stopped and I felt his hands on my ass. He took a photo and showed it to me. It showed blood. He had some on his finger and he licked it. Just like a vampire. I went very deep into subspace at this point. Things get a bit fuzzy at this point.

He told me to go to the bad girl corner which I did for 10 minutes to think about things. My thong came off on the way to the corner. I was still wearing my cuffs. He came and undid them after the corner. He grabbed me by my hair. I noticed he was in his boxers at this point and no shirt.

The punishment was over and he wanted me. He was going to fuck me hard. He fucked me in my soaking wet pussy. He put clothespins on my nipples as he was fucking me. I felt pain on my ass, pain on my nipples, pleasure from my pussy. Him fucking me very roughly. He fucked me doggy style as he grabbed onto my hair hard. He gave me two huge hickies on my neck. He was biting on my neck like a vampire. Making me moan in pleasure. Wanting him to take me hard.

"Please fuck me, Daddy!" I begged.

His cock got even harder in my pussy when I said that. I could hear him moaning. I heard him say padme a few times.

"My padme. My bad little padme! You belong to me, bitch," he hissed as he thrust into me hard.

He came into me and then told me to stay there. I must sit in his cum in my pussy and clothespins on my nipples. I curled up and waited for him. He came back and took the clothespins off and took off the cuffs. I was told to clean up and bring back my vibrator.

I was told that I would be cumming thinking of my sis, sweet schiava. He was going to take a photo of me masturbating thinking of her. He told me to think of all the things I wanted to do with her in Italy. I was very excited. Thinking thoughts of her pussy....her skin...her tits...her nipples...wanting to kiss her all over...pleasure her. ohhhhhh! It didn't take me long to cum big. I was thinking of my sweetest sis and cumming with her in my mind. Fantasies of her filling my mind as I was cumming.

We put away the toys and Master told me we were going to take a nap. He was tired. He told me I had worn him out. So we cuddled together and fell asleep. I got up before him and went on the computer. My in-laws surprised me by showing up a half hour early. Master was sleeping so I got the door. I admit I was a bit embarrased. It was pretty obvious what was going on. I had 2 hickies on my neck. Trying to hide my handcuff marks on my wrists. Blushing like a school girl. Being in my robe even though it was 12:30 in the afternoon. :)

My father in law had a big smile on his face and my mother in law made a comment which was kind of funny.

"Ummmmm look like you guy's enjoyed your time off" she said.

I was in subspace for hours. My ass was sore and bruised. I learned a hard lesson on Thursday about disobeying Master. I've been submissive for days and feeling closer to him since Thursday.

How is everyone's weekend? Master is off tommorow and I'm so glad to get extra time with him this weekend. Today is housework day. I will be working for Master. He told me he was going to try to get some blog work done. My force is strong right now. I feel very content and happy. :)

May the force be with you all!!

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padawanbeldapinik said...

hi Anakin and padme. Wow you did take a hard one on Thursday. Thanks for mentioning the link i sent you, when i first viewed it at the picnin, i couldnt wait to get home and send it to Y/you B/both. MTFBWY/y B/both always!

adam said...

Dear Padme: I guess you've learned your lesson!! Wow! What a RED bottom!! Thanks, and spanks, for the details. It was an invigorating read, to say the least.// Oh yes! Loved the photos.// Nothing wrong, with age play, as far as I can see: Adam says: "Just you wait till your Daddy get's home!!"// Love your postings. Catch ya Later, Adam.

padme said...

Thanks for the link. It was a really funny video. :) Master and I were both laughing. You find the best Star Wars links. Hope your having a good day! BIG HUGS

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and post. Caught up on your blog this morning. Hope your well, my friend. BIG HUGS

good girl said...

Oh Padme, I'm surprised you could sit at all after that spanking! Very hot post, the post-spanking sex sounded so hot. Glad you had fun at the fair, I'm scared of the ferris wheel as well. And rollercoasters, though Griz is determined to get me on one. Great post and great pictures! Master Anakin is truly gifted with a camera!

Wintermute said...

What do your readers think of your
pictures? I suspect that the majority
opinion is, to use a term from my younger
days, "yow'za". The lovely Padme's
reddened bottom in a school girl skirt?
Beautiful, wonderful! And thank you
for the account as well.



padme said...

good girl,
Thanks for your comment. I thought it was a really good pic too. :) I agree that Master Anakin is good with the camera. He loves to take the different erotic photos. Hope you and Griz are doing well. BIG HUGS

Thank you so much for your comment. Good to hear from you. I'm so glad you enjoyed the pics and blog post. I tried to put a lot of detail into it. :) Hope you are well. BIG HUGS

trazure said...

Wow love the pictures :-)

It took me awhile to read the entry but very interesting and yes it would be nice to learn more about you and Master Anakin in the blog

goodangel said...

you took a heck of a spanking :) great blogging, hon.

if you want to know why my blog was deleted, let me know and i'll send you the link that explains it all. every sordid detail.

i started a new blog today.
come by and see me! :) xx

goodangel aka cheekyangel

schiava said...

OMG sis, reading your blog in the morning really...hurts!!!!! ;) How can i be the good secretary i should be after reading all this?!?!

You punishment was really hard, but i must admit that i love reading about Master Anakin becoming Darth. i thank Him for letting you cum thinkin of me. i do know how you fell for me, because we feel the same emotions: and i hope you have no doubt now after seeing that pic i sent to you :) They're never as beautiful as those that Master Anakin takes of you, but i hope you like them anyway ;)

i can't wait for the postcard!!!!!! i will put it on my fridge to watch it every time!!!! :*

beau said...

I'm not sure what was hottest - your writing of your punishment or your bottom in the picture.

I would love to take some cold ceam and spread it gently over that bottom to try and sooth it before ...

* sigh *

B xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

single gal said...

It certainly does sound like you learned your lesson! good recap padme!

padme said...

Thanks single gal...I definatly learned my lesson. :) BIG HUGS..hope you had a nice weekend.

Glad you enjoyed the photos and blog post. Hope your doing ok. HUGS

Glad you enjoyed the blog post. Yes, it was pretty long. :) HUGS

I've linked to you again. Good to have you back. I'm a little curious to know why the blog was deleted..? Hope your doing ok...BIG HUGS

schiava sweetie....
You are the woman who melts my heart. I simply adore you. Your postcard is on my entertainment center so I can see it and others too. :) I love it! I hope you like mine too. I sent it this weekend. I'm so glad you liked the blog post and photos...wish you could have been there to see my cum...or helped me to cum! *grins*
hugs, kisses and much love

Grizzly Bear said...

Very hot story and pics! I can't wait to hear more of your exploits.

padme said...

Thanks for your comment, Griz. :) Hope you and good girl are doing good...

WistfulWench said...

Oh, what a hard discipline! Why is it that the little voice in the head can't convince the body to behave when it's supposed to? I guess that's why we need to be disciplined every once in a while...

Hackers? Love it!

The pics? Love them!

padme said...

wistful wench,
Very true. :) Thank you for your comment. I'm glad someone else enjoyed Hackers too. Such a great movie! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the pics too.

Naughty Girl said...

That was a very red ass! and a very HOT story!
Thanks for the link......hope your weekend was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

love the pics :D
schoolgirl outfits are my particular kink,i just can't resist a girl in a tartan skirt,look like you had quite a spanking and a lovely shade of red it is too

always happy when i see new schoolgirl pics.

SmartNnaughty said...

Thank you for sharing your discipline with your readers. It was a very hard one and I could picture myself in your place receiving the same. Kinda makes me want to go get my butt plug and put it in and put clothes pins on my nipples.

My own spanking is coming next weekend but it will be very different from yours and still probably be as hard.


SmartNnaughty said...

PS How can I read about your spanking and end up feeling submissive? I don't know but I am feeling majorly submissive right now.

padme said...

naughty girl,
I enjoy your blog a lot. I'm glad to be linked to you. Thank you for your comment. BIG HUGS

Thank you for your comment. We enjoy the school girl play a lot. :) HUGS

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad my post affected you so deeply. I really love to hear from you and consider you one of my good friends...BIG HUGS

Scarlett said...

Sorry for the delay in commenting.
Well done on having the courage to write about last Thursday in such detail. It sounds like a really hard punishment, but you knew it was coming and it was deserved - and it seems like it has had the desired effect on you now.
Very hot writing and pics - well done both of you!
Scarlett x

padme said...

Thank you for your comment...I appreciate it...