Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy HNT - Nipple clamp torture

Happy HNT everyone! Master Anakin had planned to do the HNT this week but I am feeling a bit better and wanted to write a post. I have missed blogging. I am just coming around from a nasty cold that hit me the last few days. I had the flu about two weeks ago but this was a cold and it came on strong. I was so sick yesterday that Master Anakin came home early to help me and also my in law's had to help me. The medications I took for my congestion have messed with my stomach though. So I don't feel 100% yet. I'm trying though. I have a really big birthday party coming up this weekend. Our son, skywalker turns 6 years old! My "little baby" is growing up on me. *sniffles* I can still remember the day he was proud his Daddy was of me and our son. I loved carrying Master's baby in my tummy. We are throwing him a bowling birthday party as he loves to bowl. Then we are having people come over for a BBQ. I've been trying to get loot bags and treats ready for Sunday. We tend to go all out for our kid's birthdays. I'm excited but it's a lot of work and I feel like I don't have time to be sick.
We are doing a themed HNT this week with our good friend's, good girl and Griz from Everything Goes. They put up a very erotic HNT with nipple clamps on good girl's nipples. It's a really naughty photo. I really enjoy doing a themed erotic picture with other people. I think it makes HNT fun and extra naughty. Hop on over to their blog and check it out. :)
Our last week's slave on a leash HNT picture got onto Sugasm for their post request for this week. Thank you Sugasm! I'm really glad to know other's are enjoying our photos. I love HNT and honestly think it's one of my favorite parts of blogging...sharing erotic pictures. It's the exhibitionist in me to give a glimpse to others of our naughty play.
This picture was taken during our naughty play last Friday night during our erotic weekend. I was dressed up for him in my leather skirt, cupcake shirt, fetish boots, new fishnet stockings and wearing our new nipple clamps that we got for christmas from Master R. He got the mini nipple clamps at JT"s stockroom. They look like little silver clothespins. They are so tight on the nipples that I can not wear them for very long without literally begging him to take them off of my nipples. I only made it ten minutes before I was almost in tears...begging him "please Master....please take them off my poor nipples!! I can't take it anymore!!" Trust me...if you are wanting some really good nipple clamps...these are truly amazing! I have many different types of nipple clamps but these hurt the worst and pinched my nipples good.
Master was being the sadist he is by pulling on the nipple clamps to give me more pain. I really like this picture. I think it's very erotic. What does everyone think? We would love feedback on the photo. Master put a lot of thought into this picture and how to make it look dark and fetish like. Please comment! We'd love to hear from you.
I apologize that I didn't get my interview up this week. I felt bad that I was too sick to get it posted. I will be posting that in our next post.
Speaking about JT's Stockroom...Master Anakin has told me he has placed an order with JT's Stockroom for my anniversary present from them. It should be coming in the mail anyday now. I am not allowed to open it! I'm under strict instructions to leave it alone and give it to him when he gets home. I am not allowed to get it until our Edmonton trip that is coming up in early April for our three year wedding anniversary. I'm sooooooooooooooo curious now!! How on earth am I going to go pick up the mail and see it and NOT open it??? I found out from my friend, good girl that the three year anniversary is leather/crystal. That website, Red Envelope is a pretty neat place and gave me a few ideas of what to get Master Anakin for our anniversary. I'm glad it can be something leather I LOVE leather! *winks* :)
I can't wait for our Edmonton trip! I'm counting down the days. We are getting three nights with no kid's. Our first three nights without any children ever. We have only ever gotten two nights so this is an extra night. I can't wait to get away...and just be with Master. To spend time together. To be away from everything. I've been feeling a lot of stress from family issues and my Sunday afternoon with Master R. I really crashed from my erotic weekend full of play. The cold plus the crash was enough to really wear me out. I have felt more tired in the last few days than in years. I really need this trip coming's keeping my focus. It's my force right now...Master and this trip.
I hope everyone is having a good hump day! I havn't had much sex drive the last few days due to everything but I felt a spark when Master walked through the door tonight. He gave me a big slap on the ass and looked deep into my eyes and told me that he wants to fuck me. There is something that attracts me so strongly to him....a true connection and force that I don't have with anyone else. I am so in love...and so amazed by my true love and force that I feel through Master....through my lover and best friend. I've been thinking a lot about our wedding lately. I feel so lucky to be married to the man who gives me everything I could ever need.
May the force be with you all!!
~padme amidala

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good girl said...

I love that photo, it's so sexy and erotic. You have such lovely breasts. And having Anakin's hand in the picture pulling on the clamps, plus the black and white, make it such a darkly dominant photo.

I like this theme idea of ours, we should do it more often :-)


Blissfully Wed said...

Such a powerful shot.



Stealth said...

Beautiful HNT hon..


Grizzly Bear said...

Great photo, and Great post.

Nipple clamps truely are a devious thing, It is wonderful to see not just one girl but two wearing them.

We will have to decide on a theme for next week.

padme said...

Thank you good girl, Griz, Stealth, and blissfully wed for your comments. The feedback is so important to Master Anakin and I, especially for our HNT pictures in which we both put in a lot of time and thought into it. I loved what you said good girl about it being "darkly dominant". :)
I hope we can do another themed one, Griz. It's a neat way to do HNT...
BIG HUGS to everyone!
padme amidala

Tiggr D'Amore said...

Hot photo... great idea with the dueling nipples, he, he, he. Love this pic... Darkly dominant is indeed a great decription... love seeing the intensity of the pull, makes it easy to imagine how it felt at the time. *grins*

Please get as much rest as you can, sunshine, and feel better soon.

Love you bunches,

MaggieDear said...

Hey it's great to see you up and feeling somewhat better! But don't over do it.

The picture is fantastic. I have to agree that the black and white works with this photo so much!

And I'm with Tiggr, I can feel the ouchies from Anakin pulling on the chain. ... Good ouchies though!


Ag said...

Wish I had someone to hold my chain

Beautiful as usual


Tom Paine said...

Congratulations on the Sugasm photo! You and C. share something more in common now!

tkkerouac said...


mthc said...

Yeah, ouch!

SeaRabbit said...

I used to like the clamps... but as I didn't feel them since a very long time, I wonder how I could take them now... ;-))
Happy HNT!

Sexy Butterfly said...

Pleasure and pain...hmmmm...
Happy HNT! :0

LadyXandria said...

Very sexy pic. My nipples hurt just looking at it tho, especially the way he's tugging on the chain. HHNT!


well ms padme amidala,
WOW what a yummy photo!
Big Huggs,

Atlanta Guy said...

Wow! Very erotic! Happy HNT!

Cain said...

Well, better late than never!

A good part of this day, my computer was completely down!!

So glad you're feeling better, Padme. Love this HNT..(ouch!, nicely, yes?)...

Hat's off, to Anakin, for another great pic!

Big smiles & hugs,

It's been kind of a sad week for me..take care.



Greenwoman said...

You look very sensuous padme. I'm glad you are feeling a little better. I have missed your blog the last couple days. I haven't been doing any it was really good to catch up. I hope this one doesn't make the rounds in the house like the flu did...probably why you got sick again...trying to keep up with everyone else when you hadn't recovered yet yourself. Sending you some healing hugs

padme said...

Thank you greenwoman, cain, atlanta guy, slave neaya, lady xandria, sexy butterfly, searabbit, mthc, tkkerouac, ag, Tom Paine, maggie and Tiggr for your comments. We appreciate them so much! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the photo.
BIG HUGS to you all!!
padme amidala

Anonymous said...

HI im new to this whole bdsm scene, other than a little expermenting here and there I really havent done much. I hope you could give me some advice. The guy im seeing well actually hes really a close friend first, is into the scene and having playmates, I have been letting him blindfold and cuff me, I dont mind most of it spanking and such but the nipple clamps kill me im sore for days after he is really into to this, he also paddles my nips while they are clamped, I want to be able to tolerate it better but as it stands now its just too much for me. biting and grabing and pinching are fine and feel good but the clips and then the paddle on top is too much do you have any suggestions how I could tolerate it better? please email me private thanks