Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy HNT - Sexy St. Patrick's day

Happy HNT!! It's our 51st HNT post. Happy St. Patrick's Day also!! I know it's on Saturday but I'm doing the post for St. Patrick's day today. Master Anakin is very proud of his Irish heritage. We always celebrate St. Patrick's day every year. This year we are hoping to go to Kelly O'Bryans to celebrate. It's an Irish Restaurant that we love to go to. They have some of the best Irish foods and Irish ales. I just hope it isn't like last year's St. Patrick's day. It was one of the worst days of 2006. My Dad was in the hospital and my family was falling apart. It wasn't a good time for me. Hopefully this year will be different.

I've had some major blogger burnout lately. I've been blogging for almost a year and a half with not many breaks. It takes a lot of work to come up with fresh ideas or sexy and erotic posts all the time. I've seriously considered giving up blogging. Just deleting it and walking away. I'd have more time for Master Anakin and my kid's and other areas of my life that I have been ignoring. Some blog posts have taken hours of my day. Master Anakin and I put a lot of time and thought into each of our posts. I really wanted Journey to the Darkside to be a unique blog. Master Anakin and I have put countless hours into our pictures for HNT or spanking photo's. I want to move in a different direction for Journey to the Darkside. I want to host another Star wars spanking party. I want to talk more about Star wars. I want to try some new ideas for this blog. I want to start writing erotic stories again. I really want to feel good about blogging again.

Your comments really mean a lot to us. The feedback has been important. I want to say a big personal thank you to all who commented on my last blog post. I have to admit that a part of me wondered if anyone would comment on a Star wars post. I havn't been excited about something in a long time and I'm very excited over our new series!! Starting this Sunday, Master Anakin and I are starting Star wars sunday!! It's a series we can do together. I can blog about something that I am passionate about and something different to other blogs. I love Star wars and I'm excited about this new series. I know it's a unique series that I hope people will enjoy. Master and I have been working on a logo for Star wars sunday. It's all very exciting!

I was very excited to see some comments from people who liked the new Star wars series!! If you have any star wars pictures, links, jokes, spoofs, or anything else star wars related, please e-mail me at or and let us know! We will gladly give you credit and link to you if we receive anything for Star wars sundays. We need help getting this new series off the ground!

We are doing a themed HNT this week with our good friend's, Griz and good girl. We've done this a few times and I find it a lot of fun. We decided this week to do a St. Patrick's day T&A (tits and ass) theme!! I am happy to supply the ass and good girl's doing the tits part of it!! Check out their sexy St. Patrick's Day HNT picture. It's a naughty one! :) We had done a few erotic pictures last Friday and I had one picked one to put up but it wasn't themed for St. Patrick's day. So Master worked on this picture instead. I hope everyone likes it. We changed my red butterfly thong to green just for St. Patty's day! Please comment and let us know what you think!

What a beautiful day today! The sun has been shining and it's starting to feel a bit more like Spring! Yeah for spring!! I am so excited about our trip to Edmonton which happens in a few weeks! I'm counting down the days. I'm also very excited about my three year wedding anniversary happening. I was looking at wedding pictures yesterday and remembering. It seems like yesterday. We got married on the exact day he proposed to me. He got down on his knee in Las Vegas outside the Mirage Hotel at the waterfall on April 10/98. We married April 10/2004. It's a very special day for me. I really love the month of April. We celebrate Easter and the flowers start to bloom. Having a spring wedding was truly beautiful. It was a sunny day the day I married Master.

I found out last weekend what my anniversary gift is from Master Anakin. I admit it. I'm a brat!! He had a few drinks and I took advantage of the situation by asking him questions and getting him to reveal my gift to me. ( I know I deserve a spanking for this) I was way too curious about the package from JT's Stockroom. I know what I am getting but I'm not allowed to see it or use it until Edmonton when we are in our hotel room at the Fantasyland Hotel. I admit I'm a very excited slave!! I will give you all one's real leather!! Can anyone quess what it is?? Cum on...tell me what you think!! I want to make this a bit of a quessing game for people. We will let everyone know in a HNT picture after our trip and we get to use it in a few weeks. I'm curious to know what other people think it might be.

I got a punishment spanking last night for my one pound weight gain. Anyone want the details? *winks*

I saw this sex meme on Tom Paine's blog and thought I'd give it a try:

More Than You Wanted to Know

1. HAVE YOU GOTTEN LAID IN 2007? Of course. It's March already! I've been laid many times already in 2007.

2. EVER HAD SEX IN A PUBLIC PLACE? Many times. It's the exhibitionist in me. I've fucked on a public beach in Hawaii when I was 18. I've fucked on a beach at Harrison Hot Springs on my honeymoon. I've fucked in Stanley Park more than once. I have fucked Master Anakin in a library. We fucked in many public places. I love sex in a public place. It's the thrill of maybe getting caught.

3. EVER LAUGH DURING SEX? IF SO WHY? I've laughed a few times during sex and usually it's because I've had too much vodka and something is amusing to me.

4. EVER CRY DURING SEX? IF SO WHY? I have cried a few times during sex and it's usually because I am emotional and it's usually during making love. I have cried over a few orgasms which were so intense that they brought tears to my eyes. A few times we had make up sex and it was emotional and I cried.

5. DO YOU LIKE TO CUDDLE AFTER SEX? Yes. It's very important to me to cuddle and snuggle up after sex.

6. EVER REGRET SEX WITH SOMEONE? I try to not regret any of my sexual experiences. I have regreted a few sexual situations I have been in though. I have played with a few people who did not make it a very good experience.

7. EVER FAKED AN ORGASM? No. I am too orgasmic to fake it. Why fake it when it feels so good?

8. DIRTY TALK, OR SHUT THE FUCK UP? I love dirty talk. It turns me on. :)

9. EVER HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX? Yes. I have unprotected sex with Master Anakin as he has had a vasectomy and we don't have to worry about birth control anymore. I always use protection with Master R or I would with anyone I am playing with outside of Master Anakin.

10. EVER MASTURBATE TO YOUR FRIEND'S SIGNIFICANT OTHER? Yes, actually I have masturbated to my best friend's signicant other. Does that make me a slut?? *winks* My best friend, nikki and her husband were my first threesome. I had way too much vodka that night and wound up doing my first threesome with them. I started to masturbate at one point to drive nikki's husband crazy!! He had such wild eyes that he spilled his coffee all over himself. Nikki and C were watching me masturbate. Eventually nikki came down to start eating my pussy and give me a incredible orgasm! All in front of C. I will never forget the look on his face as I spread my legs and started to finger myself.

11. EVER HAVE A ONE NIGHT STAND? Yes, I've had two of them. One of them was in Hawaii when I was 18 years old. The other was with a man I met in a club, E. It was the first affair in my marriage to my ex husband. Boy, that guy was such a hottie. And I had my first orgasm during sex. It was incredible sex.

12. EVER HAVE A THREESOME? Yes, I have had quite a few threesomes. I've had a threesome with nikki and her husband, Master Anakin and nikki, Master R and Master Anakin. I had a threesome situation's with many people. Everything from naughty threesome webcam experiences to phone sex with two other people.

13. EVER WATCH PORN DURING SEX? YES! I love porn!! I find it a heck of a turn on to watch porn while fucking. We have a lot of different pornos and we also like to rent them at hotels while we are staying there or through shaw on demand.



16. WHAT IS YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING SEXUAL EXPERIENCE? Being interrupted fucking by my Dad (Mr. Soprano) one night. We were right in the middle of fucking when he surprised us by stopping by for a visit. We ran around and tried to clean up after ourselves but after letting him in I realized I forgot to hide my vibrator. Boy...that was totally embarrasing!! I went over to hide it but I knew by the look on his face he had seen it.

17. HOW OLD WERE YOU WHEN YOU LOST YOUR VIRGINITY? 18. On my 18th birthday in the back seat of a car with my first husband.

18. WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE SEX WITH RIGHT NOW? Master Anakin!! And anyone else who wants to join us for some fun!!

19. DO YOU THINK THAT NUMBER 18 IS POSSIBLE? I'm not sure what a number 18 is??

20. ARE YOU HORNY NOW? When am I not horny?? LOL.

21. HOW MANY SEXUAL PARTNERS? 6 men and 2 women

22. DO YOU LIKE SEX IN THE CAR? YES! I love sex in a car.

23. DO YOU STILL TALK TO THE PERSON YOU LOST VIRGINITY TO? Almost every day. It's my ex husband and we talk because of our daughter.

24. EVER HAVE SEX WITH A RELATIVE/FRIEND'S SIGNIFICANT OTHER? No. I never actually had sex with nikki's husband. We did sexual things together but it never got as far as sex together.


26. TOYS, GOOD OR BAD. I LOVE toys!! I am a toy whore. I collect toys. Spanking or sex toys are awesome!!

27. LINGERIE. I love lingerie. It makes me feel sexy and beautiful!! I have so many different pieces of lingerie. Everything from a garter to thongs to exotic. Naughty or nice. I have different lingerie for different moods.

28. EVER SLEEP WITH A CO-WORKER? I slept with my ex husband and we worked together at the time (I was a secretary for his company) so he was technically my co-worker.

( )church
( )cemetery
( )boat
( )school
( )parent's bed
(X)your bed
(X)picnic table
( )kitchen counter
( )dining room/kitchen table
(X)woods (open and/or in a tent)
( )hood of a car
(X)the other person's bed
( )porch/deck/balcony
(X)in a house with parents home
(X)at a party
( )on top of the washer/dryer
(X)with other people in the room
( )concert
( )grandparent's house
( )field
( )bookstore stock room


Interesting meme. Made me think a lot. How come library isn't on the list for places you've fucked?? A few places are missing from that list. LOL!! A few questions were really hard and didn't explain much. I have fucked on the grounds of a school but not in a school. I fucked in a stock room but not a bookstore one. So not sure how to answer that one or a few others.

I havn't had much time with Master Anakin the last few days. I'm really looking forward to the weekend and some play time together. I could really use a spanking right now!!

I will be taking a few days break from blogging. Please come back for Star wars sunday!! We can't wait to get our new series off the ground and hope you will all join us!

I also did a post on padme's devotions..please check it out.

Check out this video of Little Miss Dangerous!! I just found this and really enjoyed it!

Anyone wanting to cum over and spank me?? *winks*

Have a fabulous St. Patrick's day!!

May the force be with you all!!

~padme amidala

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Grizzly Bear said...

Great picture Padme. It has been alot of fun doing matching HNT's these past few days. Your ass matches my girls tit's very nicely.

good girl said...

I love your HNT! It's great! I'm glad we did a theme together again :-)

Blogging shouldn't be unpleasant or a chore, so if you need to take a break and recharge your blogging batteries, you should. You could always try posting every other day instead of everyday. I know when I get overwhelmed, I take a break from blogging or just do short posts until I feel like writing again.

Neat meme, I'll give it a try this weekend :-)

Stealth said...

Hey honey, I just saw your avatar on shay's site, and wanted to tell you far...I think it is the most beautiful and reflective of you.

Great work sweetie.

Caryagal said...

Great post. I like your site a lot! I'm not a big star wars fan but I have seen some of them! When the kids get older I plan on seeing all of them with the kids! :-) PS is a star wars fan though. He likes the books too. I would like DETAILS!!!! on the Diet spanking.... I like the HNT!


Tiggr D'Amore said...

I LOVE your ass in green... your Master's Irish rubs off on you very, very well. And the shamrocks are delectable... truly love this pic.

How come you just got a punishment spanking yesterday and you are already craving another spanking less than a day later? Couldn't have been a very hard punishment, lol.

Details? Of course I want details...

Oh, and I thought I had your anniversary gift figured out from another post, but now I'm changing my guess... either a whip or a leather g-string or leather miniskirt... oh, I really have no idea but guessing sure is fun! *winks*

Hugs and love,

trazure said...

Hi loved the pic :-) The Star Wars Sunday sounds interesting, glad things are going good for you both

Cain said...

Hi, Irish, Paddle...(uhh)..Paddy..(uhh)..PADME!!(just joking/couldn't resist)

:) ! HappyHNT & the meme was a great one!

Looking forward to Star Wars Sunday. Cheers!


padme amidala said...

Thanks cain, trazure, Tiggr, caryagal, stealth, Griz and good girl for your comments on the HNT. They mean a lot to Master Anakin and I. :)
Griz and good girl...I enjoyed doing the themed HNT with you guy's this week. It was a lot of fun! :)
BIG HUGS to everyone
padme amidala

Shay said...


MaggieDear said...

Nice HNT! You look good in green :)
And yes please .. details!

I'm looking forward to the start of the Star Wars posts. I might end up being a fan after all :)

~Hugs and Happy HNT!

Greenwoman said...

I really enjoyed that you are naughty. *smiles*

My guess is a flogger.

tkkerouac said...

Very nice, Happy St.Pattys and HNT!

Moosekahl said...

happy st patty's day!

Regal said...

Love the photo! Happy HNT

A.S.S. said...

We didn't know about the Las Vegas proposal. How cool! The Mirage waterfall is a great spot. We got married in Vegas, and love to go there.

Speaking of Vegas... we have a cool Star wars picture to send you. We thought of you guys when we saw it, and took a picture just for you! Will send it shortly.

Sorry to hear that you're feeling a little burned out blogging. We don't know what to say except we really love your blog! It's one of the very best. And we know we're not the only one. You two have almost 1 million hits! Any ideas on how to celebrate? How about one million spanks?? hehe... why not!

Liked the questions from Poly Perverse (good blog!). So glad to learn you've already had sex in the year 2007... lol. Suzy loves your answer about fake orgasms. It's the exact same answer she gives! Cool meme!

Finally, loved the picture! Red is your color, but you make the green work too.

~Todd & Suzy

Theresa said...

Great HMT Padme! I love it! The interview was also great.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Tom Paine said...

Thanks, Padme, I enjoyed reading your answers. We actually have the same ones on a surprising number of questions.

padme amidala said...

Thank you Tom Paine, Theresa, Todd and Suzy, Regal, moosekal, tkkerouac, greenwoman, Maggie, and shay for your comments. They mean a lot to me!! Great to hear from everyone!
If anyone else decides to do the meme, let me know. I'd be curious of other people's answers. I'm glad you did the meme, Tom. I enjoyed your answers! :)
BIG HUGS to everyone
padme amidala

Bonnie said...


Nice shamrocks! :D

I completely understand about blogger burnout. I think those very thoughts myself. I often wonder... Is it really worth all this? What would life be like post-blogging? Would I miss it?

Someday, I will find out. Until then, I slog onward.

Have a wonderful weekend!


padme amidala said...

Thanks for your comment, bonnie! :) I know you probably understand a lot about blogger burn out. I think it's normal to feel blogger burn out. :)
padme amidala