Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy HNT - Frozen flash

Happy HNT everyone. I will be posting our HNT photo this week as My sweet padme is still resting from an ear infection. Thank you for all your well wishes for padme. She is starting to feel a bit better and hopes to be back to blogging soon. This week's HNT is from our Edmonton trip almost two week's ago. We were hiking in Elk Island National Park on the edge of a large, frozen lake when I told padme to show me her tits and do a flash for the blog. She's my little exhibitionist. It was around zero Celcius (32 degrees F) with a frozen plain of snow around us. She at first resisted as it was so cold out but I told her she would get a spanking if she didn't flash them to me RIGHT then and RIGHT now. So she did as she was told and gave me a flash of her beautiful tits. her nipples becoming nicely erect from the freezing air. Anyone walking on the trail might have seen this lovely sight. My padme wrote about this flash last week in a blog post.

I'd like to ask everyone some advice. My padme has a hard punishment spanking coming to her as soon as she is feeling better. she is always supposed to tell me when she isn't feeling well but this time she didn't. She fainted in front of me and I had no idea what was going on. It scared her old Master half to death. padme needs to learn to tell me what is going on with her body as it's My body and I want to know what is happening with it. She will be receiving 50 on her sweet ass. I'd like to take a poll of all the reader's on what to spank her with. What would you use? My belt? The Anakin's paddle? The crop? The hand? The razor strop? The flogger? Or do you think this spanking should be with the cane which is the toy padme fears the most? You tell me. I'd like to hear from everyone what they think I should spank her with. What is most appropriate and deserved? Any advice or your comments and suggestions are appreciated. Or e-mail me and let me know at anakins.blog@gmail.com.

Enjoy the HNT.

May the force be with you.


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Richard said...

I love your flash!


trazure said...

Wonderful picture, the belt

New Beginnings said...

I wouldn't use the cane. Honestly sometimse feeling bad comes on so gradually that you can be really sick before you realize it. Your sweet Padme wouldn't want to nag or complain about every little tiny thing. Yes she should have told you something before it go to the point of a scary situation but I am sure some other implement or you hand would get the point across nicely!!!

I hope she is healing nicely.


A.S.S. said...

Very cool pic! Literally cool too, as in COLD... lol. Bet Padme's nipples were perky for this one! Also, another great job with photoshop. This is a very good HNT!

Now, as for the punishment spanking. She sure does deserve one! But, do half understand her thinking that the problem was just the flight messing with her ears... and that it wasn't anything at all to worry about. She still should have come to you and explained what was going on, so you weren't in complete shock when she fainted in front of you.

So, a punishment spanking for sure... but we wouldn't think 50 with the cane quite fits the bill. We'd think something like... 25 with your hand and 25 with the belt. Those have a personal touch to them, and we know you can make them count. Hust our opinion.

~Todd & Suzy

emeraldeyes said...

Hi Anakin,
I am glad to hear Padme is on the mend, bless her, and I completely agreed with what PK said. I don't think an extremely severe punishment would be completely fair, but yes a spanking is defnitely needed.
Perhaps like Todd & Suzy suggested, 25 with hand and 25 with paddle/belt?

Keep up the great posts,

Em x

Grizzly Bear said...

Good to hear that padme is getting better. I think she should get all 50 with the belt. Great pic.

good girl said...

Sexy picture! I love the naughtiness factor of public spankings!

I'm glad padme's feeling better, and I'd vote for your hand. I just love the sound it makes against her cute little ass ;-)

padawanbeldapinik said...

Hello there Anakin & padme, Uh wow! Cold! i dont like the snow other than to look at! too cold for me! i've been busy! Jedi School just started up again and i'm behind in my classes! i gots to run now ttY/yl! MTFBWY/yA!

padme amidala said...

Thank you for your comments Richard, (welcome to our blog) trazure, PK, belda, (good to see you again!) Griz and good girl, emerald eyes and Todd and Suzy. :) It is good to hear from everyone about the HNT. :)
I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. Boy it was a cold one! It was *freezing* when i did that flash. :)
BIG HUGS to everyone!
padme amidala

SmartNnaughty said...


I can certainly hear your love for Padme when you desire to spank her for not telling you she wasn't feeling well. And fainting is pretty much a HUGE sign of her illness. You must have felt awful about it and scared of losing her.

She does need a serious spanking for this. I vote for the belt too. Let her know that she is needed by you, the kids, family, friends, fellow bloggers, and readers!

I am so glad she has you taking care of her and loving her.


tkkerouac said...

Great flash, happy HNT!

Blissfully Wed said...

You make my day.



mthc said...

I'm glad Pasdme is feeling better.. I think 25 with your hand and 25 with a paddle or belt should work just fine..

MaggieDear said...

Awesome HNT! but brrrrr!

Padme, I do hope you're feeling a lot better now. Ear infections suck!

I'm going to vote for the hand. I think the other's are too much since you were sick and we all don't think real clearly when we don't feel right.

I haven't been able to do much blog reading lately and definitely no time for writing and commenting, but I'm trying to make up for lost time today.


SeaRabbit said...

Are you sure Anakin that she didn't get that nasty infection while posing for this shot? ;-)) Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

Wow Anakin! Love the HNT... in this case, what was cold for Padme was plenty hot to see! Very clever idea...

I hate to go against the grain but since you asked, and from what I understand, Padme KNEW she didn't feel well (whatever the reasons) for some time and chose not to tell you, so I think this needs to be a most unpleasant caning, ere, um, I mean spanking for her.

Punishment isn't truly punishment, no matter how hard it's given, if done with implements that she actually enjoys... but that only leaves one, and I guess you know then what my vote is for.

Not 50 of the hardest... but 50 good thorough lashes, especially on her sit spot and the backs of her thighs should do quite nicely.

Oh, Padme? I do love ya, ya know... but since Anakin aksed, I've got to speak my mind.

Hugs and sure hope you are feeling MUCH better,

padme amidala said...

Hey Nancy, Tiggs, searabbit, maggie, mtch, blissfully wed, tkkerouac for your comments on the HNT and letting Master Anakin what to use on me. I know he's told me he's leaning towards the belt and hand tommorow night. I am kind of curious what he decides in the end to do for it. It was very brrrrrr cold there!! A frozen flash that I won't forget. :)
BIG HUGS to everyone!
padme amidala

Anonymous said...

Hell is what you went thru, I bet. Give her an Idea of what the thought of losing her is like for HoH. With mine, i'd make a special punishment for like medical scares. 200spanks not to exceed over a period of 3-5 days, at Masters Choice. IF she is new the 5 will help. It is control back to you with interest,for the control she took away. This was too important to forget.