Friday, April 20, 2007

Punishment spanking coming tonight

TGIF everyone!! I'm so glad it's the end of the week. It's been one of those tiring and long. Full of family drama and health issues. I've had little time with Master Anakin to even talk to him and there has been very little play this week. The most fun I've had this week has been yesterday morning with my Hiatchi. I am having some pms and have felt bored and lonely too. Last night I had a alone night. Master took the kid's to a concert and I got to take a hot long bath and watch a movie by myself. I decided to watch The Nororious Bettie Page. I recommend it to everyone. I really enjoyed it. I just felt so lonely watching it alone. I really miss Master and I'm seriously needing some Master/slave time with him.

He surprised me this afternoon by coming home from work early with flowers for me. He has known that I've been having a rough week. He's so romantic and a wonderful giving man. I feel so lucky to have him as a husband and Master. He's out getting me lunch right now and later tonight I will be getting a spanking. I am getting a punishment spanking tonight. It's been the first punishment spanking that I have gotten in a while. He was not very happy with me for not telling him about some health issues I was having. He got scared after I fainted in front of him. I feel very guilty over this and have been wanting to get a hard punishment spanking for this. Thank you to everyone who left comments and e-mails giving recommendations for my punishment spanking. I was told that I will be getting the hand as a warm up, then the belt and then he is also using the Anakin's paddle also tonight for punishment. He feels that I need to get back to being centered again and I need his very strong force right now.

I am feeling *deeply* masochistic today. All I can think of is this punishment spanking coming. How hard will he spank. He told me I'm getting 50 but then he told me that it did not include the paddling I am getting. He hasn't decided how many I will receive with that. Yikes!! I'm a nervous padme amidala today. I'm also horny as heck wondering how it will all go. I can't help it...punishment spankings are so strict and he's so dominant when he's giving it to my ass. I can't help but get very wet over them. I miss him so much!! I need pain so much!! I want to feel the pain and pleasure be strung up with the new chains and spanked and then taken. I want to wear the new hood and be focused fully on him. I want to forget about all the real life crap that's been going on and just focus on being a slave.

I want to give into the pain of the punishment submit to His force. I want to go deeper towards the darkside tonight. To feel Darth Vader's fury and anger. To go deep into subspace that I forget everything and focus on Him and His dark desires. That's what I want so much right now....I am feeling so utterly submissive in my heart right now and I want to feel some serious pain on my ass!! He's in the mood to escape also and he's told me I will feel Darth tonight. I will get a good taste of the darkside as he paddles my ass hard. As he takes me to where we both want to go.

I was looking for a picture to put up today and saw one from the past that made me smile. I love the razor strop the most out of any spanking toys. I love the feel of it and bite of it. It was the best $60 bucks we ever spent at the flea market. Master saw it and had to get it. I love the traditional feel of it. I've often wondered how many bottoms it has spanked. He had written "spank me" on my ass and put the strop there waiting to spank me. I just wonder....who out there right now would pick up that razor strop and spank my ass?? Hmmmm...any takers?? I bet there are many people reading this right now who has thought about spanking me.

I was reading a blog post yesterday which got me so wet and has been the center of my fantasies the last few days. It's you'll never forget the first time by A taste of the birch. It brought me back to a memory of many years ago. Master was the strict principal and I was the naughty schoolgirl. I had to come into his office for a very strict caning. Just reading that interview brought some of it back for me...and got me so wet.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my very first photoshopped picture. I was so excited yesterday to put that up. I truly love that picture and my feelings during taking it. We are so close now to a million hits here at Journey to the Darkside. Thank you to everyone who has read us and commented and been there for our journey. We are very excited about some new changes we hope to make here at Journey to the Darkside and a new launch of something very exciting!!

Check out this new Director's cut Justin Timberlake video of What comes around, goes around. Master and I thought it was so cool video. This video makes me look a bit differently at Justin Timberlake. *smiles* What a hottie. Scarlett looks pretty good too. I love that part in the video "I like girl's". I said that once at the sex show right in front of people. I really miss the feel and touch of a woman.

I've got an interview to put up and make sure to stay tuned for Star Wars Sunday this weekend. Master is home with lunch and I was just told to get offline. I hope everyone has a good weekend. I may not be around much due to focusing on my role as slave and all my attention on my sexy Master. I can't wait for tonight!! I'm nervous but so excited about what is to cum to me tonight....

May the force be with you all!!

~padme amidala


good girl said...

Sounds like an intense yet pleasurable night for you! Enjoy yourselves!

Theresa said...

Have a great weekend Padme!


Southern Angel said...

Padme, it sounds like you and your Master are going to have a very special night tonight. I think it is great that you have such a positive and accepting attitude towards your punishment; I have to admit, I am not always has obediant as you are about punishments. I hope the night turns out well for you both and it is a night to remember. Hopefully with a story posted. ;)

trazure said...

Good luck and have a great weekend

emeraldeyes said...

Hi Padme,
Oh my gosh - I was just watching that Justin Timberlake video as I read your post lol. And I was thinking similar things to you, however mine were more like 'this video is so sexy, it makes me just wanna be fucked senseless and indulge in a night of dark passion'! I think it was those scenes of the 'forbidden and erotic kissing'.
However sorry, back to your evening. I hope you have a fantastic time, and manage to really let yourself go. Do you enter subspace much when heavily playing?
Well damn now i'm all horny and have no man here to help *pouts*, i'm going to busy myself to avoid frustration lol...
I think that came out wrong, anyhow...

Big hugs, have fun tonight.

Em x

padme amidala said...

Thank you southern angel, trazure, theresa, and good girl for your comments. :)
em, liked that video too? I watched it five times yesterday. So sexy and I love her attitude. It's so saucy and she needed a spanking. I was never a Justin Timberlake fan but I admit I was pretty wet watching that and it made me look at him a bit differently. :) Thanks for your comment.

It was a wonderful night!! Full of play and paddlings and punishments and lots of fun times. I've got a very sore ass and a big smile today from it all...
BIG HUGS to everyone
padme amidala