Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spending Monday tied up and spanked by Darth Vader

My weekend was pretty uneventful. I got my period just in time for the weekend and it ruined almost all of our plans to play and have naughty fun. I had some tummy issues also going on too on top of it. Star Wars Episodes 1-3 were on Spike TV though so that was fun to watch with Master. Next weekend is the other three movies of the saga. I always enjoy escaping into Star Wars and forgetting about my troubles for a while. Saturday night I did give Master a blowjob which I wrote about yesterday in the Fellatrices blog. I was glad that he was pleased with my blowjob and I fell asleep content next to him. Sunday he spent a lot of time working on our online store, Darkside Digital Arts. Check out all the new beach wear!! There are some really cool new designs and Master has worked very hard getting some new products up. There are several I really want to buy.

I got a big surprise yesterday morning. I was expecting another boring Monday and came downstairs to Master still home. He said he wasn't feeling too great and wanted a day off. He took the kids to school and then took me out to Tim Hortons for breakfast. I had no idea what he had planned for me. He dropped a few hints about me "spending the day tied up" but I thought he was maybe joking. We came home and he told me to immediately go to our bedroom and get dressed into something sexy and take out all our toys and then wait for him. I got dressed into my leather skirt and girlie socks and tight white top. I know how much Master loves this naughty outfit on me. I got all our toys out and laid them all out on the floor for him. I waited for him.

I started to get a bit nervous at this point. I noticed there was several hours before the kids were out of school and we had the whole time to play. I had no idea what he was going to do. He came upstairs with the most dominant look in his eye. I could see Darth Vader had special plans for me. He asked where our rope was but I hadn't taken it out with the toys. We havn't done rope play in a very long time. I wasn't even sure he wanted to do that kind of bondage with me anymore. We almost always use the handcuffs and leg cuffs when I am put into bondage.

I watched him taking out the thick white rope and getting ready to tie me up. I was told to go to the bathroom because I was going to be spending a few hours tied up and spanked and fucked hard. My heart started to race at this point. My mind started to spin as I tried to process what he had just told me. I was very glad that my period was over and that we could play on the darkside.

I put up two pictures today of the rope bondage he had me in. He took his time tying up my legs first all tight. I couldn't move them at all when he was done. Then he tied up my arms and wrist. He did very well considering that we havn't done much rope bondage in our relationship and he is still new at tying me with it. I started to go into a rope space at this point. It felt so freeing to let myself go with the bondage and let him take over. Master is a fantastic Dom and really knows my mind well and where to take me. He picked up my hood and put it over my head and I felt the gag and noticed the blindfold part on. Those parts clip on so he can decide whether to gag me or leave the blindfold off or on. We got the hood from JT's Stockroom and I love how it feels. It blocks out sounds and leaves me in complete submission.

I heard him pick up the crop at this point and move around me. He was very quiet and I could hear the crop whizzing through the air like he was practicing to use it on my ass. I felt him pull down my black panties and then felt the crop hit my ass several times very hard. At one point he also used his belt on my poor bottom too making it nice and red and sore. I tried to move around at times to try to avoid the hard cropping but I couldn't with the bondage. I could only try to moan through my gag. All I could see was blackness. All I could feel was submission and arousal.

He put his hand between my legs at one point and pointed out how wet I was and how much I needed the spanking and attention on my ass. He left me at one point and I waited for a while for him to come back. My mind was wondering how much more he would do. He came in and played with my nipples for a while. He made me cum using his fingers with his hand between my legs. I was in bondage and couldn't do anything to stop him. I came so big and then he left me for about ten minutes just laying there in my own juices.

I was in bondage for hours and had no idea what time it was when he was finally ready to fuck me. He got the ropes off and hood and let me out to go to the bathroom. I had to pee soooo bad at that point! I was very deep in subspace and deeply aroused. He got me to bend over the bed and he spanked me with his hand before thrusting his hard cock into my cunt and fucking me hard. I could still feel the welts on my bottom from the crop and belt and the redness from his hand. It was extremely intense fucking. At one point he pulled on my hair so hard that I cried out and he came deep inside of me. We were both out of breathe and we laid down together for a while before cleaning up.

What a Monday! I wish every Monday could be as fun as yesterday. :)
Two days until our 4 year wedding anniversary. I have special plans to make Master a very special dinner that night. We also have plans this weekend for some naughty fun to celebrate and some special time together. I am really looking forward to it.

May the force be with you all!!

~padme amidala


Grizzly Bear said...

Wow, I wish my monday was as good as yours!

m said...

cute red bows to match your touche!

xx, m

Anakin said...

I was bound and determined to have a great Monday with you..er..well, you were bound, not Me, but you know what I mean. I enjoyed our time together very much; having you all tied up was intoxicating. Happy early anniversary, My slave.


Michael said...

Sounds like a pretty good Monday to me :)

Southern Angel said...

Hi Padme,

What an ideal Monday! And the rope work is very nice. JD and I have never gotten into rope bondage, mostly because it is such a time committment. But it does look lovely on you!

padme amidala said...

Thank you SA, michael, m and Griz for your comments. :) It was a very fun Monday and I hope we can do rope bondage again sometime. As SA mentioned...it can be a big time commitment.
BIG HUGS to everyone
padme amidala