Saturday, July 05, 2008

A weekend on the darkside

I am sitting here writing this blog post with a butt plug up my ass and all I am wearing is my spank me panties and my collar. Master ordered me to write the post about our weekend as he is busy watching UFC 86 on pay per view which is live from Las Vegas. Master wanted me to post while I'm in subspace and I am feeling horny and submissive. He's got me right where he wants me right now. A weekend of getting me back into my role as slave and of playing on the darkside. I am able to post a few pictures with my post today from last night.

I did my blog post yesterday about the naughty schoolgirl contest and it got Darth Vader very interested in me dressing up last night. I was told to pick one of my schoolgirl outfits to wear for him and that we would be playing and make sure I'm ready for it. He came home from work and we worked together to make a homemade pizza from scratch. It was SO yummy and delicious and it was also on my bucket list too so I get to cross that off. It was bbq chicken and was a bit spicy and I enjoyed eating it while curling up together to watch a very creepy movie that we rented.

We said goodbye to Leia as she was going on a trip for the next week and a half. I went upstairs for a bath and to make sure to shave my pussy smooth for Master the way he likes it. Master came up at one point to tell me that Skywalker was going to bed and that I was to get dressed into my schoolgirl outfit and that I could go downstairs and watch porn on the computer while waiting for him. He told me to lay out the cane and his whip and he took off the belt from his pants and laid it onto the bed. He told me to put the butt plug in while watching the porn and that I to find a good porno to watch that would really get me turned on. He also wanted the leash also downstairs waiting for him.

I put my hair up and got into my little miss dangerous t-shirt and prep schoolgirl skirt and pink strawberry panties and collar. I put the butt plug up my ass and grabbed the leash and went downstairs and found a good porno to watch with a gangbang. 4 guys on one girl doing all kinds of naughty things to her. Mmm... really turned me on and got me wet. I could feel the butt plug up my ass making me squirm. Master came down about half an hour later and came up from behind and sucked on my neck until I got a big hickie. Then he grabbed the leash and put it on me. He got himself a drink and then told me that I was going to get underneath the computer desk. I couldn't see him very well from that position but got a good look at his cock which was starting to get hard. He pushed the computer chair close to me so I was close up to his cock.

He started to watch the porn and play with his cock to get it harder for me. Then I was told to suck on his cock and he moved up close to the end of the chair so I could get a good hold on his cock with my mouth. Then he fucked my face with it. He went so deep into my throat that I gagged a few times and felt a bit sick to my stomach. It was a very intense blow job with no where to go but just to take the cock sucking. I was told that I would be getting caned and he asked me about the butt plug which was still up my ass and driving me crazy.

I sucked him off until he came deep in my mouth and I swallowed every last drop like a good little slut. Then I was told to go upstairs and get ready for the cane. You can click to enlarge the pictures and you get a good look at some of the cane stripes that I got from Darth Vader. You can get a glimpse of the butt plug too if you look close enough. That was still up my ass while I got the cane across my poor bottom. You can see the picture today of what it looked like. It throbbed and my pussy got SO wet! I was also given some of the whip and belt too as well as the cane. My ass was red and sore and very bruised.

I was then caned again and put in the corner for ten minutes with my pussy juice running down my legs. Then I was told to go lay on the bed and he put the Rabbit vibrator up my pussy with the butt plug up my ass at the same time. I felt my holes very full with both of them in me. Then he told me to rub my clit with the Hitatchi. The intensity of his voice and stern look on his face made me feel so extremely submissive and slutty. I came SO hard when he finally allowed it. The orgasm seemed to go on forever. Then I was told to clean up and take the butt plug out of my ass. I came back to some anal play and pussy play and another HUGE orgasm. This one took everything out of me and I could barely walk to the bathroom straight. I felt in a very deep subspace. I feel asleep naked next to Master content and feeling owned.

I found out this morning that Master had arranged for an overnight for Skywalker and we had the whole day and night free to have some kid free time. He dropped Skywalker off and came back to a hot shower together before heading out to brunch. Master ordered my food for me and we had a really good talk and brunch. We came back to a whole afternoon of playing. I was put in extended bondage this afternoon. Hours of being up on our bed handcuffed and leg cuffs on and I spent a bit of time wearing my hood too. I have been whipped and strapped and spanked and paddled and my ass is feeling very sore with a promise of more later after the UFC tonight.

It's been wonderful having an erotic weekend together and being able to play so much. I feel so aroused right now with the butt plug up my ass and my pussy soaking wet from the thoughts of more play to cum. He wouldn't let me cum today but got me very worked up and close to an orgasm and then he would deny me. He's a very mean old man and he knows how to get me feeling very submissive and owned. I can feel his control so much this weekend. I havn't made one decision. He has decided what I am eating, drinking, doing, and even thinking. He has controlled every aspect and I've had to ask permission for everything. It's so freeing being able to be a slave and be owned by Darth Vader.

33% of you have said that you think I deserve a hard punishment spanking for not sticking to my diet. Darth Vader agrees with you that I deserve one and I've been told that will be dealt with tonight. I'm nervous and excited and my ass is already sore and bruised. I can't imagine how hard it will be to sit down after I get a hard punishment one tonight with an already sore ass right now. Who wants to see the pictures of the punishment spanking tonight? If we get enough comments we might put them up for everyone to see. Darth does plan to take the pictures of it tonight.

I get to cross 3 things off my bucket list this weekend:

#163 -Make a pizza with Master from scratch

#80 -Be in extended bondage for the afternoon or day

#392 -Have an erotic weekend again (watching porn and playing and lots of orgasms)

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

May the force be with you all!!

~padme amidala


lil*j & Nawa*G said...

We have not seen you in such a long time...we miss our chats. Yes, you deserve a painful beating for going off the diet. We of course would love to see the pics. We have been having a loads of fun here....We hope to hear from you both soon!!!

G & j

Anakin said...

My slave...
What an amazingly erotic time lately with you! You definitely got all you deserved an perhaps a bit more from your Mean Old Man last night after we watched the UFC 86 fights on pay per view. You'd better be a good slave today or I'll find any old excuse at all to give it too you good again.


Mary said...

Hi Padme, It sounds like a wonderful time, I am happy for you.

Southern Angel said...

Hi Padme,

What a sexy, intense night for you! You must be really enjoying all of Master Anakin's control this weekend.

And of course we want to see more pictures!!!

Big Hugs

His mija said...

sound like a wonderful erotic weekend to me.

Big Hugs
His mija~

padme amidala said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. I hope to blog about saturday night in the next few days and also put up a few pics too from that night. :)
BIG HUGS to everyone!
padme amidala