Monday, April 30, 2012

Strapping with Anakin's belt!

We took many pictures during the weekend. We had two overnights and many chances to play! This picture was taken on Saturday night. You can see my new cute socks from Spencer Gift's! They remind me of the 80's! Anakin loved them!

I was wearing His favorite pink heart panties and He was giving me a hard strapping with His belt. I was over the pillow and getting it nice and hard. It got me very turned on and lead to some really great sex and orgasms!!

I've got a belt fetish and strapping is great foreplay for me! Click on the pictures to enlarge them and get a better look. I love the belt strapping picture! I think a few of my twitter friends (who have a belt fetish like I do) will too! :)
I've got more pictures to share including some of the new lingerie that I wore on Friday night. It was really sexy and lead to a very fun evening with Master. Reviewing new lingerie is a lot of fun! I really enjoyed dressing up in something very sexy for some roleplaying and fun! I loved it!

Our force is feeling strong. I had such a great weekend with my Master! It's been hard to come down from it all today. I miss Him a lot and can't wait until He's home. I love cuddling up with Him!

May the force be with you all!!

~padme amidala


Anakin said...

I had an amazing weekend with you! Loved how you looked, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing and taking pictures of you this weekend.


Vanille said...

Those are super cute socks!!

Alias said...

Belt, on the bed, panties on, white sport socks... Oh my! /fans herself/ Are you trying to kill me? Only a t-shirt missing to be absolutely perfect!