Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Belt spanking from Darth Vader!

I was expecting to have some quiet time today to work on my next review. It's for the study buddy schoolgirl outfit on Eden Fantasys! It's a cute little outfit. You can see the skirt of it in the picture that was taken earlier today!!

Darth Vader was in a bit of a mood today. He wanted to spank me and play on the darkside. He waited until the kids left for school. We had breakfast together and then I was ordered upstairs to our bedroom. He told me to get the new schoolgirl skirt on but nothing else. Not even any panties!! The schoolgirl skirt doesn't cover very much. It leaves the bottom very exposed!

I got His belt very hard on my bare bottom! A very hard strapping to remind me of my place. Anakin is a very hard spanker! He warmed up my ass with His belt and also gave me some hairbrush spanking. My bum is very sore right now as I am writing this blog post!! I'm also still floating in subspace.

The sex was incredible!! He fucked my doggy style and was very rough with me. The g-spot orgasm left a huge mess all over our bed. Then He spanked me more!! Thank you, Master! It was exactly what I needed. I feel connected to Master and have promised to be a very good girl!! Sometimes all you really need is a hard spanking and some naughty fun to make the day much better! :)

There was lots of pictures taken today as well as last week of me wearing the new outfit! Stay tuned for those. I was too busy getting distracted by Anakin's belt to get the review done today! :P

May the force be with you all!!

~padme amidala


Hardin Reddy said...

Even mediocre sex makes any day better. If you don't like what you did, you can always try again!

Anakin said...

I KNEW you needed this morning VERY MUCH. Occasionally I get it right and DO read your mind, never mind not so subtle tweets. I needed it (and you) too.