Sunday, October 21, 2012

Date night on the darkside

I'm having a pretty good weekend so far. I got to play on the darkside with Master on Friday night. He was home during the day so we were able to get ready for it. The kids had a Pro D day so they were around and it was hard to have any alone time. He did try to tease me about the spanking that was coming to me though. He built up the anticipation. He also had me on orgasm denial so I was horny and really wanting to cum.

We went shopping during the day. He bought me a new winter jacket which was another birthday gift from Him. I love it! It's nice and warm for the cold Winter days ahead. I don't drive so I am always out walking and really need a good jacket. I also got some nice new pj bottoms which are warm and comfy. I felt very spoiled for my birthday. Thank You, Master! :D

He took me out a new Sushi place for dinner. It was really good food! We had a wonderful dinner and lots of teasing. We came home and the toys came out. I got dressed into my naughty schoolgirl outfit. We didn't take any pictures of our play. I wish we had but we were both pretty tired from the day. We just wanted to play and be together without any interruptions.

We enjoyed some merlot and then it was time for spankings and play! I was spanked by His hand and belt. He also used the ebony hairbrush on my bottom. I was even caned!! That was very intense. I had a very red bottom and was deep in subspace from it. I still hadn't cum yet!! He had teased me for hours and was relentless about it! I wanted to explode!! He spanked me more and then finally let me cum!! It was a really big g-spot orgasm which left a wet spot on the bed.

The sex was amazing! The play was intense and dark. We had to change our bedding because of how sticky it was after it all. lol. We cuddled up close after some dessert and fell asleep.

I woke Him with a blowjob yesterday morning. I was spanked OTK (over the knee) with His hand and belt. He let me cum twice and then we showered together. Then He took me out for pancakes and shopping. We cuddled up last night watching Friday the 13th (2009). I love watching scary movies! It won't be long until it's Halloween! :)

Our force feels strong! I feel very connected and close to Master after our play on the darkside together!

May the force be with you all!!

~padme amidala


Anakin said...

I had the most amazing night on the Darkside with you, My girl! The weekend's been great, mostly because it has had lots of you and Me time.