Monday, November 12, 2012

A extra long weekend with Master

I've been lucky to get an extra long weekend with Anakin home. He's been home for 4 days!  The kids have been home during some of that time though. I'm glad we had a date night on Friday. We were able to play and be alone for the night. It was amazing and we both really needed that time together. I love our date nights! Friday night is my favorite night of the week!

He had me wearing a butt plug while I cooked breakfast and did chores for Him on Friday morning.  He also teased me a lot about the night to come. I was so horny and date night hadn't even started yet! It is always a long day when I'm waiting for our date night to start!

We stayed in for our date night. Enjoyed a dinner at home and some fireplace time. We also opened a nice bottle of merlot. I was spanked with the ebony hairbrush to start. Then He used the belt, whip, paddle and also the cane! I was tied up for a while too! We had anal sex after I had worn the butt plug for most of my spanking and bondage. It was some of the best anal sex that I've ever had!! Wow! I was really into it and begging for His cock up my ass.

He gave me 3 orgasms on Friday night! I cuddled up next to Him feeling like I was in paradise after our play. my body and mind were completely focused on Him. I could really feel the strong force between us. We got to play more on Saturday morning too! We didn't get the kids back until the afternoon. There was more spankings and sex! He used His belt on my bottom very hard. I could feel it for hours after He was done. my ass was sore. my pussy was very sore too. I was in a deep subspace for the rest of the day.

We worked on some projects this weekend too. I haven't been online very much. I hate to be online when He is home. We are always cuddling up together and sneaking in moments. I love it! I feel very close to Master. Very submissive and happy. :)  It feels good.

May the force be with you all!!

~padme amidala


Anakin said...

I had a great long weekend with you, My girl. Friday night was dark and delicious, Saturday was fun, and I always like when you work for Me and get chores and projects done; that's My GOOD GIRL! I'm pleased with your behavior. Now if only such weekends lasted forever.