Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spankings and Skyfall!

Yesterday was a pretty good day and a bit unexpected. There had been so many interruptions all week. Master still has some vacation days left that He needs to use by the end of the year. He decided to take another day off on Friday. We planned to devote the whole day to us! We had both really wanted to play together.

Master and I got some really big news in the morning. My sister gave birth to a boy! I'm an Aunt! That makes Anakin an Uncle! Uncle Darth! lol! :P  I wish that my sister and I were talking but we aren't. There is a lot of family drama. I tried to reach out again to her. I'm a bit afraid that I'm going to be rejected again. :/  I will have to walk away after this point. I am really excited to be an Aunt though. Even if it's on the sidelines.

Master went out and got us some breakfast. Then we got right down to play time yesterday. The toys were laid out. I was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit. He made me forget about all my worries while He spanked them all away. He spent about an hour with me over His knee while He fingered me and spanked me over and over again. Then He bent me over the couch for a strapping with His belt.

Then we headed upstairs to our bedroom. There was lots more spankings and naughty fun! The sex was *amazing*!!!! The orgasms were too! I was floating in a deep subspace with a sore bum. We started playing at 10 am. We went until 2 pm. That's a lot of play time! We did all kinds of bdsm play. It was rough and intense.

We cuddled up after our play. He surprised me by telling me He had arranged for us to go on a movie date. I had really wanted to see Skyfall. So He took me on a movie date.

I had to bring my butt plug with me. He made me put it up my ass while we watched the movie! I was squirming in my seat!! I was incredibly horny! Daniel Craig is really hot! He looks very hot in a suit! He's very manly and was nice to look at. I enjoyed watching him. The movie was great! I recommend it. I had heard some negative reviews but I think it was the best Bond movie yet!

Spankings and Skyfall! A really great day! I came home and cuddled up with Anakin and then fell asleep. I love days like that. When we could spend the day together and escape into play and a great movie! It was great.

Our force feels strong!!!

May the force be with you all!!

~padme amidala


Anakin said...

I LOVE days like this, a day we shared and enjoyed each other. Simple and simply wonderful. Loved Skyfall too. Cool!