Saturday, December 01, 2012

Playing on the darkside with Darth!

Anakin and I have both been feeling a bit stressed out lately. We decided to take a day and escape from it all. We devoted the whole day and night to us. He promised me that He would take all my worries away. He wanted me to feel His control. He took the day off work. The kids went to school. He came back and we had breakfast. Then the toys came out. I wore the naughty schoolgirl outfit. I got a hard hand spanking to start the day!

I put a butt plug up my ass. He gave me a few shorts breaks but I wore it for most of the day yesterday. I was completely focused on Master. He was very controlling with me. My pussy was very wet. He kept me on edge for most of the morning. Fingering me and getting me very horny and excited! He kept denying me though. He told me that I'd have to earn my orgasm! I was aroused all day and really wanted to play with Him.

He put me into rope bondage for a while. It felt so nice to be tied up. He flogged me all over while I was tied up with rope. I was laying on the bed all tied up and helpless. He squeezed my  neck at one point and started to choke me. It was very intense. Then He let me out of bondage and gave me one of the hardest belt spankings ever!! He wanted to make sure to center me and to feel the power and control. I got to the end of the bed and then He strapped me very hard. He didn't stop until I was crying. He gave me some aftercare cuddles.

We went out for dinner. I was wearing the butt plug which was making my ass throb. My pussy was also throbbing. I wanted Him so badly. We got home and opened some wine. The toys came out again. He used lots of toys on my ass including the homemade whip. I wanted a whipping so badly. He finally let me cum after whipping me.

Then He let me take out the butt plug. I kind of wondered if He was going to fuck me in the ass. He didn't though. He rode me doggy style from behind. He was pulling my hair and controlling me during the sex! It was amazing! I had several orgasms! I was completely lost in our play.

He also bit me a lot last night. I've got a really big bite mark on my neck! He was like a vampire. He was very mean and sadistic. He took me to the darkside and beyond. I was in subspace and went for a ride to the darkside. It's always a fun place to play!

I woke up to a hard hand spanking and lots of cuddling and making out. I feel happy and peaceful. I also feel very submissive. Our force feels strong! It feels really good. :)

May the force be with you all!!

~padme amidala


Anakin said...

My girl,
I had a most amazing day and night on the Darkside with you. That was a hot, passionate night; something I'll remember forever. Our Force is indeed strong.


jenpet said...

Wow! It sounds so awesome! i am glad that you two were able to take so much time to really play together, and dabble in lots of different kinds of play too!

fyremane said...

Sounds like you had a wonderfull fun time, remindes me i need to get some more toys