Monday, February 18, 2013

Friday night spanking and play!

We got an unexpected date night on Friday night. Master Anakin decided to take me out for dinner and to the movies. We went and saw the new Die Hard movie (A good day to Die Hard).  It was really good. Lots of action and special effects. We picked up some Vampire merlot afterwords on the way home. We came home and laid out the toys.

I dressed in my naughty schoolgirl outfit but without the panties. I figured the panties weren't staying on very long anyways! lol. :P  We were going through some toys and I saw the cute "spank me" paddle! Master Anakin took this picture at that moment. Then He told me to post it onto my Tumblr. Then I was spanked with it for a warm up. Then He tied me up with rope and I was spanked with His hand and belt next. He also used the whip.

We played for hours. I came several times. We had some great sex and connection through all the play. I was floating in subspace and feeling very happy and content in His arms after we had played.

Saturday morning was even more play! I was owed 100 strokes with His belt. He bent me over the couch for that. He then used even more toys on my sore bottom! He used the ebony hairbrush too. Ouchies! My bum was VERY red and sore! Then we got naughty. Great sex and more orgasms! The kids didn't come back until noon so we were able to spend the whole morning playing. It felt great!

I had a really great weekend with Master. I miss Him a lot today. I can't wait to play with Him again! :)

May the force be with you all!!

~padme amidala


Anakin said...

I love how this photo of you turned out. It captured you perfectly. And yes, I agree, that *was* an amazing weekend of play. You always leave Me hungry for more; I love to hunger for you.