Friday, March 15, 2013

A blogging break

The last few days have been extremely stressful for me. I'm dealing with a lot of serious stuff happening in my life. My FIL is starting to really decline and that situation is not looking very good. Master Anakin has taken the day off work today. We are planning to visit him. The visits take a lot out of me though. I'm never sure if it's the last time I'm ever going to see him. My heart is breaking. I have always considered my FIL to be a member of my immediate family and like a Dad. It's very hard situation to be dealing with.

We are also dealing with some family issues going on right now. I want to make it clear that my marriage and relationship are solid though. It's been a really rough time for Anakin too but we are holding strong together to get through this rough patch. 

I've been really depressed the last few days. I haven't felt like being online very much. I'm sorry if I haven't responded to your tweet/DM/e-mail or messages. I may be out of touch while I'm dealing with things.  I'm trying to hold it together right now and that hasn't been easy for me. I am just hoping that things will get easier at some point.

I've decided to take a break from blogging until things get a bit better. The journey to the darkside will continue...

May the force be with you all!!

~padme amidala


Loki_Darksong said...

Take all the time you need, Padme. We'll still be here. Your family comes first. May the Force be with you all.

Tybalt said...

May the Force be with you too, Padme.

jenpet said...

Seconding both Loki & Tybalt.


Sending you thoughts of sunshine while you push through the sorrows and challenges facing you and Anakin.

Tiffany said...

Sending good thoughts your way. Hugs