Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Bedridden and not feeling well

I wasn't feeling very well over the long weekend. I got my period almost two weeks early. It seems like I am bleeding more and more now. It's very frustrating. This period was a bad one and has left me bedridden. I've had massive bleeding and cramping. It's been awful. Master Anakin was very helpful and supportive yesterday. I don't know what I would do without Him.

I have a lot of anxiety about the hysterectomy. I can understand why it needs to be done though. The growing fibroids are getting worse. It takes a lot out of me. It's affected my quality of life. It's hard to do much when I am bleeding so much and having awful cramps. I can't imagine what it's like to not have a period anymore and be dealing with this.

I am depressed right now. I miss having a normal life. I hate being bedridden and not being able to do all those things that I like to do for Master. I know that will probably not get easier when the hysterectomy is done. I will need His help a lot after that. I am just hoping that there is a better life after it's done. I won't have to worry about planning around my periods and dealing with this pain and pressure from the fibroids happening. It's awful. :( 

May the force be with you all!!

~padme amidala


PK said...

Padme, I won't tell you not to worry because you're going to anyway. But please know it will be sooo much better when all is said and done. I didn't have to have a hysterectomy, but I've been through menopause and it's worth it all to have no period, you can make love and play anytime you find yourselves with a tiny bit of privacy. It's worth it!

I wish i could tell you it will all be better in a flash, but things don't work that way. While you are recovering keep your mind active and on fun thoughts. Send emails to Anakin about what you're looking froward to - even if it's not on your mind right then. Keep the dream alive in your head and very soon your body will be able to follow right along.

I wish you the speediest of recoveries!


PS you might also spend your down time visiting more out here, comment and talk with us more. I bet you'd enjoy it.

Anakin said...

Poor girl, I'm so sorry you've got another day feeling lousy. I know these days are hard. I'm sorry they are. If you can, when you are able, think of being on the other side of the surgery, and how you will feel then. Doesn't make today any easier, but reminds you there is hope, and I hope that hope and relief comes soon, because it hurts Me to see you suffering. Hang in there, with love, boundless,... Anakin

blueeyedtawni said...

Lots of hugs, your master loves you very much. He takes care of you.

When you do have the surgery , it will be a bit and try not to bounce back so quickly.I will say this when you do feel 100% better, I can only imagine the 1st spankings to come of it :)

padme amidala said...

Hi PK,
Great to hear from you! Thanks for commenting and saying hi. :) It will be really nice to go through menopause and not worry about periods anymore. I am looking forwad to that part of the surgery.

Thank you blueeyedtawni! Great to hear from you.